Self-Discipline : 3 points from Corporate Chanakya.

Book: Corporate Chanakya

Author: Radhakrishna Pillai

Chapter Organisation.

Self-Discipline : 3 points.

“One doing whatever pleases him does not achieve anything” – Chanakya.

Discipline becomes a must, especially in work. Following are the tips to improve self-discipline

Tip 1. Plan the day in Advance

An employee needs to plan his/her next day at work before leaving the office. This will give them a sense of purpose. Because otherwise, they will lose enthusiasm. Keep a time-table for routine activities and keep an hour extra for unplanned events and tasks.

Tip 2. Do Not Be Impulsive

While doing tasks and when assigned with or asked about another task, don’t leave the current task and jump on to the other one. Slow down, Complete the task and stick to the original plan and after concluding it move to the next. (In case it’s an emergency, then need to switch tasks!)

Tip 3. Be Proactive

“Being Proactive is the most important habit of a successful person” – Stepen Covey, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Don’t wait for problems to occur, find solutions in advance. The more you do this, the more focused and sharp you’ll be.

“Discipline is not inborn, it needs to be cultivated. We may fail, but don’t give up. “

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Ajay S Nair

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