Step out of the Comfort zone!

Step out of your comfort zone There’s an inspiring lesson or two to learn from Harmanpreet Kaur, the exuberant captain of the Indian women’s cricket team. The WBBL [Women’s Big Bash League in Australia] came as an eyeopener – one where she faced her fears, stepped out of her comfort zone, and learned to take unfamiliar situations in her stride. In spite of her lone journey at the event, her passion for teamwork remained unshaken. “Diversity in a team is an opportunity to learn,” words of wisdom that arise out of working in close quarters with different kinds of individuals, but always remembering to rise above the ‘self’. Despite a heart-breaking loss at the World Cup, the all-rounder cricketer refuses to accept defeat. She considers it to be a learning process; one full of positivity. “We either win or we learn, we never lose.” That’s powerful advice from a young leader and a brave heart, who’s ready to take on any challenge that comes her way.

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